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Pet Feeding Mat

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Say Goodbye to Messy Floors! 

Eco Friendly and Safe for Pets: Our pet food mats are made from recyclable materials that are non-toxic to ensure safety for your fur babies!

Waterproof & anti slip: Our pet mats are 100% waterproof, and our non-slip grip keeps pet bowls in place without attracting pet hair. Goes great with our MunchiePets Feeder!
Easy to clean: Unlike traditional silicone mats that attract pet hair like a magnet, our feeding mat is easy to clean by hand with a wet cloth.

Why Get MunchiePets Feeding Mat?
Eco Friendly Design 
MunchiePets makes products with your fur babies in mind. We ensure the highest quality and use only sustainable materials.
Waterproof & Easy to Clean
Our pet mats are 100% waterproof & features non slip bottom base so the mat stays in place. It's super easy to clean & doesn't attract pet hair like silicone mats! 
Our pet feeding mats are made from recyclable materials that are non-toxic to ensure safety for your fur babies.
What material is it made of?
The munchiepets mat is made of eco-friendly PVC material. The top of the mat is made of vegan leather that is waterproof. The bottom of the mat is made of quick dry foam which is also anti-slip.
How do you clean the mat?
You can clean the mat by simply using a damn cloth or paper towel. Since the mat is water-proof, you can wipe off liquids. For stains or wet food, we recommend using a damm paper towel with some dish soap. 
Where do you ship from?
We ship all of our products from California, USA. We are a USA owned and operated brand.
What type of guarantee do you offer for your products?
Your purchases with MunchiePets feeding mat is backed by our 60 day manufacturer's guarantee! This means if anything does wrong with your mat within 60 days, we will replace this for you immediatly.
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