About us

Our story started back in 2019 when we noticed our senior cat no longer enjoyed eating from her traditional feeding bowl. Not only was she refusing to eat but she seemed to be experiencing pain while eating. After multiple vet visits and change in diet, we still couldn’t figure out the cause.

That’s when we started to experiment with changing her feeding bowl. We have tried many styles of  elevated bowls! From Amazon to Walmart but we couldn’t find one that was appropriate for her special needs. We quickly realized that  we had to get to work to create one that fits her unique needs, as not all elevated bowls are “one size fits all” for pets.

This is when we came up with The MunchiePets Adjustable Elevated Feeder. Our feeder quickly became a unique staple piece in the homes of thousands pet owners across the country & we couldn't be more proud!


We invite you to join the MunchiePets family and experience for yourself why so many pet owners love our products.