5 Reasons You Need a Pet in Your Life

5 Reasons You Need a Pet in Your Life

Have you been thinking about getting a pet? Pets are great companions, but they also offer many other benefits that can improve your quality of life, both physical and mental. Here are just six of the countless reasons why you need to own a pet right now!

1) They make you happy

Studies have shown that owning pets can actually improve your mood and well-being. Pets offer unconditional love and companionship, not to mention opportunities for you to play and socialize with other pet owners—so get out there! If you want to add a furry member to your family, make sure you’re prepared for all of those tails (and sometimes fur-covered feet) that might be coming your way.

2) They can help with anxiety

A good friend can calm your nerves, and pets can do even more. Cats especially are known for helping with anxiety and reducing stress. An animal won’t judge you like people will, so pets can also help you with loneliness if you’re feeling down. Caring for an animal also gives you purpose: You’ll have to get up early to feed it or clean up after it, giving you something to do each day that may otherwise have been spent doing nothing.

3) They make you healthier

Research has shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those who don’t own pets. A pet can also serve as an effective distraction from stressful situations, which means you’re less likely to experience high blood pressure or heart disease. Plus, pets can help keep you active—taking your dog for a walk each day is a great way to add activity to your routine. When you get home from work, play with your cat instead of zoning out in front of Netflix.

4) You can teach them tricks

Animals are capable of learning things, so it’s not surprising that you can teach them tricks to help with your chores around your home. Dogs and cats alike have been known to pick up basic commands like sit, stay, or shake (among others). Some pets even learn how to use a litter box or fetch toys for you. No matter what kind of pet you have—or want—they could be your new best friend when it comes to helping you complete simple tasks around your house.

5) They love unconditionally

When you’re down, pets will always be there for you. Pets are never judgmental and they provide an incredible amount of love. They also provide companionship : A pet can really help you get through stressful days. When you return home after a long day at work, they’ll be there waiting for you at the door with lots of licks and cuddles to make everything better.