5 Reasons Why Adjustable Elevated Cat Bowls Are Better

5 Reasons Why Adjustable Elevated Cat Bowls Are Better

Are you looking to provide the best possible environment for your feline friend? Raising their food and water bowls to an elevated position allows them to eat comfortably, without having to lean over their bowl or wait in line for dinner. In addition, elevated bowls help to reduce stress on your cat’s neck, helping them live longer and healthier lives! Check out these 5 reasons why elevated cat bowls are better!

1. An adjustable height cat bowl allows your cat to choose their own level.

Whatever your cat’s age or condition, using an adjustable height cat bowl will allow them to eat at a level that makes them most comfortable. Some cats are more comfortable eating from ground level, others prefer their food closer to eye-level; with a tilt-able cat bowl, you can customize your feline’s bowl to meet their specific needs. The following list shows some of ways in which elevated cat bowls work for older cats and younger cats.

2. An elevated bowl helps with reducing vomiting and choking.

Although it can’t prevent your cat from vomiting or choking, an elevated bowl can reduce those problems by keeping food and water out of your cat’s airway. Because they are typically raised higher than a standard food bowl, they also keep cats (particularly ones with long hair) from drowning in their own water. Plus, it allows them to eat and drink without tilting their head back, which is uncomfortable for them.

3. Elevated cat bowls are easier on older kitties with arthritis.

As your cat ages, it’s important to adjust their environment accordingly. This is especially true when it comes to feeding time. When you feed your cat from a raised food bowl, they don’t have to bend down as far or lean forward as much. This could make all of the difference for older cats with arthritis and joint pain; it can also be helpful for cats who aren’t yet old enough for arthritis but are still starting to show signs of weakness or stiffness in their limbs.

4. An elevated cat bowl keeps water from splashing everywhere.

If you’ve ever stepped in water while walking by your cat’s water bowl, you know how quickly it can make a mess. This has led many cat owners to place their cats’ bowls on elevated surfaces, and it turns out there are a number of reasons why doing so is better for them.

5. An adjustable elevated bowl helps reduce ingestion issues.

One of most common problems with feline eating habits is that cats often gulp their food too quickly, which results in tummy aches and vomiting. To help reduce ingestion issues, choose an elevated bowl that can be adjusted to a height your cat can eat at. What's more, if you buy a bowl that has an adjustable tilt, it will help encourage your cat to eat slower since they will have to tilt their head back to get food out of the bowl.

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